Thanks for visiting my website. I am a cultural anthropologist and Assistant Professor of Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt University interested in culture, technology, and environment. My teaching and research are interdisciplinary, bridging anthropology, geography, environmental history, and science and technology studies. I use ethnographic and  historical methods to connect large infrastructure projects and environmental politics to community development and everyday life. In addition to long-term field research in rural and urban Panama, I have worked in Ecuador and the southeastern United States. I am currently doing research on four themes: 1) political ecology of the shipping industry, focusing on links between the Panama Canal and port expansion, dredging, and environmental change in the southeastern US; 2) infrastructure and community development; 3) environmental mitigation and sustainable futures; 4) water management, history, and politics. I also have a website at, where you can find many of my publications.

Photo: Burning Silver

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