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Thanks for visiting my website. I am a cultural anthropologist and Associate Professor of Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt University interested in culture, technology, and ecology. My teaching and research are interdisciplinary, bridging anthropology, geography, environmental studies, and science and technology studies. I use ethnographic and historical methods to understand how large infrastructure projects (like water systems, electrical grids, roads, canals, cables, pipelines, and ports) shape and are, in turn, shaped by communities and ecologies. Infrastructures are key sites where communities debate priorities and make value-laden decisions about how the benefits and burdens of development will be distributed across space, race, class, and forms of non-human life. Geographically, my work has focused on Panama, the southeastern United States, and transnational transportation networks. I am currently working on three projects: 1) the political ecology of the logistics economy; 2) urban heat at the intersection of climate change, infrastructure, and lived experience; and 3) reimagining regional food infrastructure for sustainable transitions. You can read more under the Research and Publications tabsI also have a website at, where you can find publications.

Photo: Burning Silver

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